Play Jackbox Games with Us

Warning: of all the rooms in this party that might not work, this is the most likely to not work.

If you’ve played Jackbox Games before, go ahead, get your phone ready, and click below to join the game. IF a game is underway, you should be able to join the audience, and if you’d like a different game to be played, text Joel and he’ll load it up.

If you haven’t played Jackbox games before: these are multiplayer games you can play from anywhere using your phone. Most of them are kind of like game shows. They’re all a little different, but they’re going to have the same first few steps: get your phone or a tablet or other device, go to on your phone, and enter in the four-letter room code you see on the next page, along with your name. Talk to the others’ playing about how to play, or if a game hasn’t started, start the game with a few people and watch/listen to the instructions.

When you’re ready, click the button above to play!